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Cover: They Made Me Say It

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They Made Me Say It

We are living in interesting times. We are facing political, economical, societal and ethical issues, big and small. These issues keep influencing the lives of thousands, even millions of people every day, one way or another. And, perhaps even more important, they influence the way some of our fellows perceive the world we all live in.

Sadly, our only answer to these issues appears to be rejection. We reject people for who they are, or where they come form, or things they simply cannot help. We reject politicians for situations we caused ourselves. Isn’t it time to own up to being (at least) part of the problem, and work on real solutions. Isn’t it time to reject what “they say” and start thinking instead? This is a signed copy.

Cover: Welcome to the 21st Century

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Welcome to the 21st Century

Physically, we all may have arrived in the 21st century already. Yet mentally, most of us are still stuck deep in the 20th century, full of lucid dreams and “new age” nonsense. We need to consider and embrace so far uncommon approaches to even the most common issues or we will soon be overwhelmed by the reality we created for ourselves.

Cover: I Am From Austria


I Am From Austria

This is a short essay, discussing a country’s struggle to accomplish a 21st century task with 20th century thinking. It provides a — if I may say so myself — rather clever solution to the matter.

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Welcome to the 21st Century

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