Portrait: Gerry

Born on 23 August 1968, Gerry MacOstair is an Austrian writer, publisher, designer, and blogger. He lives and works in his hometown, Vienna.

Because he needed more time to write books, he merged several blogs to become “Welcome to the 21st Century”, the blog you are reading right now. This blog will be updated irregularly (i.e., as time allows and events considered worthy of note occur).

If you happened to enjoy what you read so far, subscribe to the RSS feed and have new articles delivered to your doorstep (well, your browser really), or follow him via Twitter or Facebook, where new releases will be announced in due course.

When not writing, he designs and builds all kinds of structures and objects. His favourite material is wood.

You are welcome to contact Gerry and ask him whatever comes to mind, or get in touch via the channels mentioned above.