All Rioters Are Silly Twats

It was you who cast the die and decided to cross the Rubicon. Now live with the consequences. Don’t you dare publicly lament the loss of human rights or even the decay of democracy. Don’t you add insult to injury, pretending you stood up for political progress, justice, or society’s sake. No one but your own blinded ego can be blamed for your display of utter disregard for peace and civility, private and public property, and human life.

You want “justice” and “a world without coppers”? Alright. Then come forward, remove your ridiculous veils, identify yourself as members of the rioting bloc.

Walk into the next police station, and confess that you helped vandalise several districts of Hamburg for pure lust of destruction, randomly looting and setting fire to public and private property alike, indiscriminately attacking individuals who were ordered to be there or just happen to live in these areas.

Acknowledge your responsibility, account for your participation in the chaos you caused in a trial, and accept your sentence.

The good news is, you will learn to eventually appreciate peace and civility, private property, and perhaps even pick up some negotiation skills, while you serve your time.

The bad news is, there won’t be any “bastardly coppers” to protect your physical inviolability should your fellow inmates decide to teach you some precious life lessons.

There will be riot in your body and chaos in your mind. You will just love every minute of your eight, ten, or fifteen years for spoliation, larceny, arson, mayhem, and attempted murder in the streets of Hamburg.

You may consider and label yourself “Autonomist Marxists” and believe to deserve praise for your political activism, but the truth is you cannot hold a candle to Marx, you lack the guts to show your faces during your pointless acts of resistance, and you obviously don’t know the first thing about political or societal mechanisms.

Your ill–advised activism and subsequent ruthless behaviour will inevitably result in policies to further restrict demonstration rights, a wider public support of the anti–social, ignorant cretins on the far right, and, last but not least, considerable public spending in order to compensate perfectly innocent people for the damage and loss you caused.

In other words, you are the ones who help bring about the “police state” you constantly pretend to hate so much, you volunteer as agents provocateurs for the vilest of political reactionaries, and you hurt the reputation of each and everyone who is earnestly contributing to convince local and international politicians of sound social, economic, environmental, and security policing by means of political protest.

If either or all of this was your objective, you succeeded; but everyone else will have to cope with the consequences. Is that your “justice”, your “wholesome progress”, your “ideal of political participation”? If so, I’d rather have none of it.

While you jerks organised and executed your three days of childish yet dangerous insanity, Turkey’s opposition leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, marched 264 miles (425 kilometres) from Ankara to Istanbul, gathering tens of thousands of like–minded followers along the way, to drive home his demand for justice (Turkish, “adalet”). Neither scorching heat nor downpour could stop them. After twenty–five days of marching, he gave a speech in Istanbul today that’s said to have been attended by one million people.

That’s what I call political activism, a tour de force worthy of praise. What you did, on the other hand, I call cheap exploitation of liberal legislation, a show of mindless violence. Then again, what more could one possibly expect from you silly twats?