Thinking out Loud ( read)
It doesn’t take a law degree to understand that one cannot have the exclusive right to use and distribute music, or words, or any other basic tool critical to the creative process. One may have the s…


The Copyright Protection Disaster ( read)
A just directive always adheres to the principles of legal philosophy. The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, passed by the European Parliament, is (in its current form) failing the…


I Am Not a Feminist ( read)
One of my readers demanded to know why I chose to remain silent on International Women’s Day (IWD). “At least, you could have expressed your respect for the cause”, she stated. Well, I did, my dear,…


Blackboard Jungle, Part 5: Cogito Ergo Sum ( read)
I would like the precious reader to honestly answer the following three questions: Can you name three practical applications of curve discussion? Can you name five modal verbs? Can you name three pri…


Blackboard Jungle, Part 4: Anecdotes and Musings ( read)
There is a quasi–permanent debate about the education system — with a tendency to get particularly hot during election campaigns — that usually revolves around costs and pretends to have quality in m…


Blackboard Jungle, Part 3: Rebels Without a Cause? ( read)
Whenever an expert comes forward to explain the reasons for the failing education system to a greater public, I get to hear the same boring catch phrases. Do you never get tired of your dull sermon?…


Blackboard Jungle, Part 2: Watch Your Language ( read)
I have no words (fit for printing) to adequately express my disgust with those self–anointed “guardians of (linguistic) culture”. Those, who enjoy themselves “bashing” the youth for “attempted lingui…


Blackboard Jungle, Part 1: For School, Not for Life ( read)
I dare to venture the guess that complaints about the quality and practical benefits of education are as old as mankind — and as commonplace as whining about the weather. That this issue seems to be…


Fellowship of Destiny ( read)
We are about to lose Italy, and I mean it quite literally. For her own but also for Europe’s sake, this must not happen. The precious reader may consider my assessment of the situation utterly implau…


Half a Bot and Half a Man ( read)
I admit that I have always been suspicious of CAPTCHAs of any kind. Apart from the repeated concerns voiced by various experts over the years, I have always felt that they cause more problems than th…



Tesler Delivers Promises or How to Spot a Scam ( read)
These days, there certainly are a lot of scammers out there, and to the slightly gullible (or most desperate) individual all of their offers may look like welcome, legal opportunities to make a fortu…






Linux Is Good for You, Part 0: Introduction ( read)
This small series is the result of a week of intensively testing a number of Linux–based operating systems. It was inspired by two of my “digital heroes” (totally unbeknown to them, though): Molly E.…


Pride and Prejudice ( read)
Just the other day, I happened upon a YouTube video by a young fellow who obviously not only lacks “identity” (which is why he calls himself an “identitarian”, I assume; I hear he is even the leader…


A Marriage of Reason, Perhaps? ( read)
Quite recently, it came to my attention that a considerable number of people try (and fail) to run Linux–based and Windows operating systems in dual–boot mode on their computers. I tried it myself (j…


Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf (The End Is Nigh) ( read)
Yes, in last Sunday’s general elections, the Austrian centre–right ÖVP won a relative majority of seats, and the Austrian far–right FPÖ also managed to increase her political influence. Now, you’ve h…



The Age of Simple Answers, Part 2: Political Blunders ( read)
After this lengthy discussion, I believe the precious reader will appreciate a shortlist of real–world examples to illustrate my point. The order does not indicate a degree of general relevance or pe…


The Age of Simple Answers ( read)
Whether I open a newspaper, turn on TV or Internet, or sit in a street café to enjoy the solitude in a crowd of perfect strangers, there is no shortage of people who offer simple solutions. I don’t r…


All Rioters Are Silly Twats ( read)
It was you who cast the die and decided to cross the Rubicon. Now live with the consequences. Don’t you dare publicly lament the loss of human rights or even the decay of democracy. Don’t you add ins…


Any Love Is Good Love (but None of Your Beeswax) ( read)
There are ongoing quasi–political, pseudo–religious, would–be ethical discussions as to whether homosexuality is merely a deviation from the sexual norm and therefore nothing to worry about, or utter…


Open Technology: One Board to Rule Them All ( read)
If you happen to be only a bit like me, you have been yearning for the day when useful technology would be affordable even for the less fortunate; help us save resources and money; reduce the distanc…


Open Technology: Breaking Free ( read)
What does it take to enjoy “Open Technology”? Is there a definition that actually makes sense? What’s wrong with the present state of technology? And, perhaps most important, why should we even care?…



The Book I Never Wrote (About the Easter Rising) ( read)
I’m not known as a friend of revolutions. In general, it is safe to predict that what couldn’t be gained by negotiation is unlikely to be gained by bloodshed. What appears to promise a quick relief f…


Customer Care Catastrophe ( read)
In theory, I’m every customer care agent’s wet dream. I read the fine print of contracts, I plough through manuals and tutorials, and I consult FAQs and forums to gather relevant information. Only if…